Friday, 15 January 2016

My Planner Setup January 2016

Hello my planneraddicts!

This will be my first blogpost of 2016 and I'll talk (or write) about my current planner setup. I'm currently using 3 planners. Each for a different purpose. I love to watch or read about someone else's planner setup, so I asked on my IG if anyone would love to see a blogpost about it.

Well, you asked for it, so be prepared for a loooong blogpost with lots of planner pictures!

This is my Yellow Kikki K Planner in medium size. It's equivalent to a Filofax personal size. I use this planner as my home and decorative planner. I really like to be creative in this planner. I'm not alway using this binder. I have more personal size binders and I like to switch them every time I feel so.

I always have a cute or pretty dashboard in my planner, so when I open it I can see this and it makes me happy every time when open my planner. The dashboard I'm currently using is from Hellopapercat or hello_sugarlove on IG. 

Behind my Sailor Moon dashboard I have this cute postcard from the store Sostrene Grene. I really liked the quote, so I laminated the postcard and holepunched it. This card also gives me motivation :)

Then I have a flyleaf with some sticky notes and journaling card with my personal info.

I also have a year overview of 2016, so I can see the year in one glance. I got this free printable from WendafulDesigns. 

I have four dividers in my planner and within the dividers I made sub tabs. I marked the sub tabs with the colored tabs at the right. The first divider holds my calendar. I'm just using monthly inserts in my personal size planner again, since the boxes are so small I find it difficult to use them. I plan to use them for memory keeping. The magnetic bookmarker I use here is also from Hellopapercat. 

The second sub tab in my first divider are my weekly inserts. I use this kinda like a diary and write what happened each day. I also like to decorate them with washi tape, stickers and sticky notes. This was the first week I decorated the inserts this way, so it may look a bit chaotic lol. 

My second divider holds all my finances. The first thing I have is a foldout insert of 2016. It's a free printable from PeanutsPlannerCo and I try to use this insert to keep track of my planner related spendings. 

Next is an another foldout insert, but this one I designed myself. This is a monthly insert where I keep track of my pay days, bills and other finances. To make it myself a bit easier to write on the insert: I cut some slits in the holes, so I don't have to open the rings every time :) 

I also like to keep track of my online orders, especially when I order from Etsy.

The third divider holds all my lists. First some Etsy related lists. As some of you may know, I have an Etsy shop where I sell printable inserts and I like to keep track of some things. I have a list for my monthly favourits, orders and revenues. The inserts I use are from Kikki K.

I also like to keep my wishlists in my planner. I don't keep track of it all the time, but I also like to use it as a reference. I have a wishlists for planners, stationery and some random things.

The last divider holds all my penpal adresses. I use a free printable from WendafulDesigns, but I need to print more, because I'm now using sticky notes lol.

The second planner I'm currently using is this Moleskine planner. It weights super light and it's easy to take it with me. This is the Large size with a soft cover.

This is not the first time I'm using a planner from Moleskine, but I was really surprised to see it has a monthly view. The pocket size planner I had in the past didn't have this. When I need to remember a specific date I write it in the monthly view of this planner. 

The layout of this planner is like a week one page at the left and at the right is has a notes section. I really like this, since I don't have a lot going on atm. I use the planner for my work schedule and appointment. I also like to use sticky notes and stick them on the notes section when I need to remember something important. When I go to school again in September, I plan to use this as a school planner.

The last planner I'm using is my Lilac and Gold Kikki K small planner. It's equivalent to a Filofax Pocket size. I really love this planner, but I wasn't using it that much. I did use it as a everyday planner and for on the go, but the setup I had didn't work out for me. This week I got inspired by Charmaine Dulak's LV planner setup and I immediately went to set up this planner. I haven't use this setup for that long, but I hope it works out for me. 

When you open the planner, you see a lot of sticky notes and some fancy ruled inserts. These inserts were a bit too long, so I cut them to the right size to fit in this planner. I like to use sticky notes when I need to write something quick, so I like to keep them in my planner pockets. 

The new thing about this planner setup is that I only keep monthly insert in this small planner. No weekly inserts anymore. I especially write my work and appointments here, so I can easily see what I have going a specific week.

I also like to keep some important adresses and phone numbers. I had this also in my previous small planner setup. 

And at last some random coupon cards from some stores.

Well, this was my planner setup of January 2016.  I thank you for reading my blogpost or scrolling through all the pictures and I hope you'll get some inspiration for your own planner :) 

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  1. The first planner I like more than others, its very nice and I have the same calendar too and I like it very much. I have A5 Mint planner and now I search for printabes like Online orders...
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