Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Pengems review!

The plannercommunity on Instagram gives me inspiration and sometimes it makes me buy pretty planner related things. The Pengems are popular amongst the planneraddicts. When I scroll through my feed, I see them on almost all the pictures of the ones I follow. I wanted to order for the longest time and on September the 2nd I made an order! After ordering it, I was very excited to wait for my Pengems pen. It arrived to me last week on Friday. Super quick huh?

 Look how cute the penguin is! <3

I ordered a Pengems pen from their Signature Crystal collection in the color Periwinkle. It's a beautiful blue purple color. The pen was inside this clear package which give me a little bit a luxurious feeling.

 There is a big crystal at the top of the pen.

 Look how sparkly the crystals are! It also reminds me of Swarovski crystals. So pretty they are.

 <3 <3 <3

 There is even a little penguin at the top!

The pen is not only pretty, but it writes also super good!

I am super happy with my Pengems Signature Crystal pen! I wil definitely order in the future again! There are so many colors and collections. I didn't know what to choose, but now I know it's worth it! Even the delivery to the Netherlands is super quick! Pengems has another happy customer here :D
You can look at their website for the shop and all their collections.


  1. You should buy the gel ink inserts if you like them too! They write better than the ballpoint I think :)

    1. I love gel ink! I will buy them too the next time! :D