Monday, 21 September 2015

#iheartplannerweekly week 38

It's been a long time I wrote an #iheartplannerweekly blogpost. I'll try to do this once a week ;) 
At the end of week 37 I got fever and the flu, so I was still recovering from it. Now I don't go to school and don't have a lot going on in my life I like to stay home or go shopping. 

I experimented a lot with my new Copic Sketch markers and made some planner dashboards I'm planning to sell. I also bought a pair of new boots! Yay! I love to wear boots. Especially the ankle boots ones. This weekend I was at my boyfriend's and we watched the first episode of the new Doctor Who season. My boyfriend is a big DW fan and he made me watch it a while ago and now I kind of like it too :D Now I can't wait till the next episode -.- 

This was my week. How was yours? 

Till next time <3 

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