Monday, 28 September 2015

#iheartplannerweekly week 39

I just had a busy weekend, because the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival started! We don't celebrate it that much. My family just celebrate it with each other. Saturday we ate Chinese hotpot and Sunday we had dinner in a Chinese restaurant. Got a lot of food!

I ordered the Sims 4 gaming mouse and I cleaned my room. I think I finally have a good setup for all my planner stuff :D Would you like to see a blogpost about it?

Season 5 of Once Upon A Time started yesterday and I can't wait to watch it today!

Till next time <3

Monday, 21 September 2015

#iheartplannerweekly week 38

It's been a long time I wrote an #iheartplannerweekly blogpost. I'll try to do this once a week ;) 
At the end of week 37 I got fever and the flu, so I was still recovering from it. Now I don't go to school and don't have a lot going on in my life I like to stay home or go shopping. 

I experimented a lot with my new Copic Sketch markers and made some planner dashboards I'm planning to sell. I also bought a pair of new boots! Yay! I love to wear boots. Especially the ankle boots ones. This weekend I was at my boyfriend's and we watched the first episode of the new Doctor Who season. My boyfriend is a big DW fan and he made me watch it a while ago and now I kind of like it too :D Now I can't wait till the next episode -.- 

This was my week. How was yours? 

Till next time <3 

Friday, 18 September 2015

Friday Freebie! - Handdrawn Roses Wallpaper For your Phone

I've recently purchased some new Copic Sketch markers. Since then I am more into drawing and colouring it in with my Copics. I love to draw and when I was drawing some roses, I thought this would be beautiful for a phone wallpaper. 

So here it is. A wallpaper for your phone with handdrawn roses on it. You know what's great about it? It's free! :D  

Just right click on the picture to save it on your device and tadaaa you got a new phone wallpaper! It's made for the iPhone 6, but it fits on other devices too. 

This wallpaper has artwork that's made by me, so I would appreciate it if you use it for personal use only. Please share the link of my blog or send your friends here :) 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Pengems review!

The plannercommunity on Instagram gives me inspiration and sometimes it makes me buy pretty planner related things. The Pengems are popular amongst the planneraddicts. When I scroll through my feed, I see them on almost all the pictures of the ones I follow. I wanted to order for the longest time and on September the 2nd I made an order! After ordering it, I was very excited to wait for my Pengems pen. It arrived to me last week on Friday. Super quick huh?

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

How I store my stickers

An another blogpost about stickers, but now about my own stickers collection and how I store them. When I was a little girl I loved to collect stickers with my friends. We also swapped witch each other. Now I have found my obsession for planners I have found my love for stickers again. Since then I love to buy them, but afraid to use them lol. Anyone feels the same? I've recently also found the hype in planner stickers which you can purchase on Etsy. Some of them are handmade. Now my stickers collection has grown the past year  I have organized them the past week. The way they were organized wasn't feeling good and I could not see all my stickers. Well, now I do! Let's see how I store them now..