Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Customized Recipe Binder

I had this recipe book from Paperchase for a long time. I did write recipes in it, but I found it difficult to add my own notes and recipes I found in magazines etc. I think it's super cute and beautiful, but the coil was bothering for a long time. Since I'm into the planners for a while I had the plan to uncoil the book and put it in a A5 size planner.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Happy Birthday to me + New goodies!

For me the day is almost over, but I wanted to write a blogpost about it. Today is my birthday! Yay! I turned 22. I stil feel like a 18 year old person though. I celebrated my birthday last Saturday with my whole family and friends, so today was like a normal day for me. I was working on my portfolio for school and just chilling at home. Nothing special :)

What I wanted to talk about are the planner goodies I bought for myself. Last week was such a busy week. All the deadlines from school kept me extremely busy till last Friday. After the last deadline I decided I may treat myself with some new planner goodies. I did purchase some things.. Most of them are from Ebay, but they have yet to arrive here.

I also purchased a new planner yesterday and it arrived today! It's the Webster's Pages Color Crush planner in gold :D These planners became a hype in the planner community and I wanted one of these for a long time. I purchased the planner without the inserts, because I thought I wouldn't use them at all ;) I purchased mine at the Dutch store Scrobby.

Today also arrived my order from the Etsy store Paperedlove. The owner is Annie and she designs beautiful stickers! This was the first time I purchased planner stickers! Annie is such a sweet girl. This was actually the second time she shipped my order. We think the first mail went missing due to the snow storm 2 months ago. I can't complain though. This time it arrived within a week :D I may order some more stickers from her in the future :)

And now it's time for some pretty pictures of my new gold planner!


Thursday, 2 April 2015

Hello April!

It's already April guys.. I think March went too fast! Well, now it means it's my birthday month! Yay! I will turn 22 on the 21st :)

Coming weeks I have lots of deadlines to do for school, but at the end of the month I've got a week off!