Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Iheartplannerweekly #13

This week went so soon! Why can't a week or a day be longer?

On Monday I had a day off. Yay! It was the first day off in weeeks for me. I really needed that day. School has been keeping me so much busy >.<

My friend's birthday was also this week and her party was on Friday, but I couldn't come, because the public transport was working against me -.-

How was your week?

Cute Little Twin Stars pouch at H&M

It's been a while since my last blogpost. I should really update it more frequently. I saw on Instagram a picture of a super cute make-up pouch that could be used for planner stuff.

I read it was from H&M, so today I found some time after class to go there and find this cute pouch.

I walked straight to the accessories of the Divided collection and saw there were still three of them. I absolutely wanted one for myself and bought a second one for my mom if she wants. If not, I will give it to one of my IG friends ;).

I'm still debating what to use it for. I was surprised how much space it has!