Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Undated Monthly MO2P Inserts

Here are my very first inserts I'll share with you here! Yay! I made some inserts a while ago and I posted it on my Instagram. There where a lot who wanted these inserts, so here they are! They're undated month on 2 pages. You can write the dates however you like and there's even some space on the right to write some notes! I made these in A5 and Personal size. You can download the PDF files by clicking the size you prefer. It will lead you straight to the download link.


If you do end up using my inserts, please use the #iheartplannerblog on Twitter or Instagram, or tag me @iheartplanner so I can see your pictures. I would love to see my inserts in action! :D And leave a comment below. I really appreciate your love and support :)

Please do not share the file or download link. I would love to see your friends here on my blog to see my printables instead.

Enjoy using them!

X Deborah


  1. Oh my gosh you have no idea how lon Ive been looking for inserts like these - thank you!!! I love your blog and instagram by the way:)

    1. Thank you so much! :)
      I'm glad I could help you with my inserts :D